Pragma TelnetServer

Pragma TelnetServer 7.0

Pragma Telnet Server is an advanced and high-performance telnet server
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Pragma Systems, Inc

Pragma Telnet Server for Windows is an advanced and high-performance telnet server that lets you manage Windows computers and networks from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Intuitive and easy to use, Pragma Telnet Server contains all of the functionality you need to efficiently access and use other systems remotely:
- Speed - The Fastest Telnet Server Available on the Market
- In depth auditing through history scroll back
- Pragma Telnet Server is the ONLY telnet server that is CERTIFIED for Windows
- Works with Windows PowerShell
- Telnet Server (Telnetd)
- Inet Server (Inetd)
- Remote Shell Server (rshd)
- Remote Execute Server (rexecd)
- ONLY telnet server to run ANY applications such as vi, edit
- Multiple management utilities and productivity-enhancing features,also included with our Fortress SSH Client Suite

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